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Listen and learn about your specific
business goals & budget target

Our company offers a wide range of affordable pre-owned and reconditioned dry cleaning and laundry equipment, air compressors, environmentally friendly hydrocarbon dry cleaning machines, laundry shirt finishing presses, industrial laundry equipment, dry cleaning steam boilers, and industrial washer extractors from the most recognized names in the industry. We also offer new dry clean and laundry pressing equipment as well.

We also design custom dry cleaning equipment packages that are affordable, efficient and tailored to your needs. Our company uses a comprehensive, 3-step process to ensure that you have the right package for the right job:

  1. Listen and learn about your specific business goals and budget target.
  2. Discuss affordable solutions to determine which equipment package is the best for you.
  3. Design a custom equipment package that is made-to-order for your business.

Looking for something else? Dry Clean Equipment provides the following services:

  • Its Dry Clean Equipment has a connection to a robust network of plant buyers and sellers.
  • Equipment consignment services-We will help you sell your excess equipment!
  • Installations services.
  • We purchase used equipment 15 years old and newer! Contact us with your used equipment inventory for a honest and fair offer.
  • In-house custom made to order high heat Teflon stainless steel braided hoses for your dry clean and laundry pressing equipment

Call us today! 214-659-3030   when you want to purchase the best replacement equipment at an affordable price allowing you to keep on pressing!


 Our Reconditioned Equipment 

Don’t let the idea of purchasing used equipment scare you off – we are experts in rebuilding Ajax, Cissell, Forenta, Fulton, Hurst boiler, Hoyt, Sankosha, Unimac, Unipress and other great brands, from the frame up, to ensure that your company has the best dry cleaning machinery and laundry equipment available to meet the needs of your business.

We sell our manufacturer-compliant, reconditioed dry cleaning and laundry equipment up to 70% off retail prices—including dealer discounts. This discount helps trim your budget costs by buying dry cleaning or laundry equipment at unbeatable prices.  This smart investment can help you grow your business and put more profits in your pocket.


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Dry Cleaning Packages

We’ve got the solution for you dry-cleaning business needs!

Mom and Pop Dry Cleaners w/ Laundry (1200 SF)
*to be starting at $79k

Here at Dry Clean Equipment we understand the importance of smart investing. We offer an affordable […]

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Dry Cleaning and Laundry Plant Package (2000sf)
to be starting at $119k

Here at Dry Clean Equipment Affordable Dry Clean and Laundry Equipment we understand the importance […]

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Brands We Offer:

"Through our selling partnerships we offer the following industry leading and well recognized names such as:"

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